Cigarettenfabrik Zürich –Saturday, November 19th 2016

Welcome Drink from 6:30; first course at 7:30 pm.

by reservation only – limited number of seats still available

100 oz of White Truffle, 100 Guests, 1 Unforgettable Event

Main Chef: Josef Cefa – “Tartufi & Friends”, Milan


Like no other, Alberto Sermoneta has devoted himself and his “Tartufi & Friends” restaurants to the “fruit” once hailed sacred to Aphrodite. With restaurants in Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and London, his contemporary take on a northren Italian tradition can be enjoyed at an exclusive event in the heart of Zurich.

Following an invitation by The Tabletoppers, Alberto and his head chef from Milan are featuring three unforgettable menus all starring “il tartufo”.

Three culinary journeys to the Piemonte

Choose your menu and enjoy a free welcome drink:

Franciacorta, Berlucchi ‘61

  • CHF 220.00


    Beef Tartar with White Truffle — Foie Gras with Savoury Croissant, Blackcurrant Jam & White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Risotto with White Truffle — Beef Filet “Rossini” au Jus and White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Signature Tiramisu
    CHF 220.00
    CHF 220.00
  • CHF 170.00


    Bruschette with two Truffle Creams and White Truffle Shavings — Fried Eggs with White Truffle — Songino Salad with Champignon, Pine Nuts & White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Risotto with White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Signature Tiramisu
    CHF 170.00
    CHF 170.00
  • CHF 250.00


    Tuna Tartare with White Truffle — Lobster Salad with Seasonal Vegetables & White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Risotto with White Truffle — Dover Sole Filet “alla mugnaia”, Potatoe Cream & White Truffle — “Tartufi & Friends” Signature Tiramisu
    CHF 250.00
    CHF 250.00

Book now and be on of the lucky one hundred getting a seat.

Advance reservation is required. Book online or feel free to call us and book your table: +41 44 536 50 30


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